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Jennifer A Bandlow | Attorney At Law | Los Angeles | SoCal Justice Law Group
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Insider Exclusive Presents Justice In America – Delaney Henderson's Story

"In this Insider Exclusive, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA” Network TV Special, our news team visits with Jennifer Bandlow, Attorney at the Cochran Firm in Los Angeles, Calif and Founder of the SoCal Justice Law Group, and her client Delaney Henderson to “Go Behind the Headlines” to see how Jennifer successfully represented Delaney to get justice, and to witness firsthand Delaney’s powerful transition from sexual assault victim to survivor and Advocate as an Ambassador for the PAVE organization (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment) a national, grassroots nonprofit." (Insider Exclusive Youtube, September 1, 2018).

Steve Murphy Insider Exclusive Steve Murphy and his Film crews are first and foremost Frontline Activists for justice in addition to being Documentary Film Producers who discover stories often overlooked in mainstream media. Insider Exclusive is the nation's leading independent Legal Issues Film Producers, with more than 100 titles in all areas of law. Insider Exclusive is dedicated to making critically acclaimed and cutting-edge TV Legal Issues Documentaries to publicize and broadcast in mainstream media.


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